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Got one to sell?

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Heading off on holiday without your dog can be a painful process for both parties. The guilt of leaving his sad little face as you drive off; the concern that he may just drive the dog sitter to insanity—sometimes it's just too much. Luckily, that's where dog-friendly road trips come in. Why pack Buster off when he can come along and enjoy the fun? While some dogs are seasoned travel veterans and could practically drive the car themselves, others take a little longer to get used to it and can use a bit of extra coaxing to relax into the road trip. Here are a few tips to help towards a smooth and bark-free trip with your four legged friend.

Invest in a comfortable, soft dog crate or sturdy dog kennel for your pet to relax in. With a cosy, padded nest in the back of the car, he's far less likely to get restless and cause chaos. Dog crates come in all shapes and sizes and many types are fully collapsible, meaning you can still enjoy your car boot space during the rest of the holiday. Fill the bed up with familiar smelling blankets or cushions to help your dog feel more at home and secure.

Take regular breaks, every two hours if you can. This is not only advisable to avoid any inconvenient accidents, but your pooch will benefit from the fresh air. Spending a few minutes every few hours stretching his legs and seeing you face-to-face will also reassure him that you're still there, which is very important.

There's nothing like new dog toys to make the time go faster! Treat your dog to a chewy toy, ball, or whatever normally captures his attention, and he won't even notice he's travelling.

With a bit of extra TLC, a comfy bed and a few extra treats, you'll be well on your way to a hassle free road trip. Have a browse of the great range of dog beds, toys and accessories on eBay today and get ready for your next big adventure!

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