Dog Sunglasses & Googles

Let your dog's character shine brightly with dog sunglasses and goggles

Does your dog have its own zany personality and you want to show it off? Or maybe your beloved canine has eye issues that make being out in the sun or in other bright environments an issue. Whatever the case may be, the right pair of dog sunglasses and goggles can do everything from give your pupper a funny new look to protect them from eye issues that can really take the enjoyment out of life. eBay’s collection gives you a chance to do all that and more.

Dog sunglasses have many purposes

Not only do dog sunglasses look fantastic and add character and fun to your pet’s life, but many glasses and goggles also protect your four-legged friend’s eyes from UV rays. Protecting your pet from UV rays is just as important as protecting human eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Our massive range of dog sunglasses resembles a collection of human sunglasses, meaning there’s plenty of options from which to choose.

Many shapes and sizes to suit all dog breeds

Dog sunglasses and goggles are available with a selection of design features that allow for comfort and practicality for your dog. Many styles feature deep lenses with plenty of padding for extra eye protection and have straps or double straps that can connect to a collar.

Dog sunglasses and goggles are quite flexible, and some are foldable to ensure they last when your dog rolls around or chases his or her favourite toy. The biggest difference between dog glasses and human glasses is the different size of the nose bridge. As dogs have a wide nose, dog glasses have nose bridges that are made to suit.

Because different dogs have different head shapes and sizes, you should measure your dog’s face across the nose when choosing a pair of dog sunglasses or goggles. Check out eBay’s vast selection of colours to suit your best friend’s character and find matching dog clothing and shoes for a complete outfit.