Doll Accessories

Doll Accessories

Dolls wouldnt bring nearly as much joy if it were not for the sheer volume of clothes and accessories available for them. Doll accessories can range from anything from various dresses and outfits to shoes, prams and just about anything else.

Barbie dolls are often the first people think about when thinking of dolls. Over the many decades of her life, she has seen many incarnations. Each version comes with its own set of clothing and accessories, but you can mix and match between dolls, which is part of the fun.

Barbie has everything she could want with countless handbags, all manner of clothes, sporting equipment and even household items and luxury cars. The only limit is your imagination, seeing as Barbie has even appeared as a mermaid or a fairy from time to time. New Barbie doll accessories can breathe new life into an old set of dolls.

Baby doll accessories are just wide-ranging. From plastic feeding sets, bags and prams to bonnets and various colourful garments. Your child can create an entire nursery for his or her baby, complete with cots, changing tables, walkers and a range of other accessories.

Bratz dolls are becoming increasingly popular and, like Barbie, all come with a number of accessories. Your child can dress their sassy doll up as they please with accessories that even include miniature hair curlers and glasses. These tiny fashionistas have enough clothes and items to take on any situation.

Theres a wealth of Cabbage Patch Doll accessories available, primarily in the form of dresses, outfits, headbands and hats. From colourful summer dresses to fun pyjamas, your Cabbage Patch Doll will be the best-dressed doll out there.

Whether youre kitting out Barbies dream house with her dream furniture suite or if your Bratz doll is jetting off to do some extreme sports, you can rest safe in the knowledge that theyll have the right accessories.