Use doll making and repair products to create or fix your favourites

If you’re mad about doll making, you know it’s an intricate process requiring skill, patience and an eye for detail, not to mention equipment, accessories and materials you can count on when you’re feeling creative. To grow your collection of these precious gifts and toys, you need access to an array of quality doll making and repair supplies. There’s an endless list of bits and pieces that could prove rather useful, so head to eBay to find exactly what you’re looking for. And if you’re on a budget, you may want to buy in bulk. 

Types of doll making and repair supplies

So what does it take to create and fix the most beautiful and interesting dolls from either a doll design ideas book or your own imagination? Quite a lot actually! At various stages you will want to get your clever hands-on doll making and repair clothes, patterns, stands, paints, hair, eyes, bodies, eyelashes, wigs, heads, legs and more. Remember, the more detail you give your dolls the more realistic and artistic they become.

From a handful of doll display stands to hundreds of different sets of doll making and repair eyes, eBay has everything required to build your personal doll making kit. Materials for repair and restoration are also essential. Vintage dolls can suffer general wear and tear over the years, but you will always be able to bring your favourite items back to life if you own the right supplies.

Your growing collection doesn’t have to be restricted to regular dolls. You can use your doll making repair products on teddy bears, puppets, plush animals, fantasy characters, and various other sewing and crochet projects.

Discover a world of practical and spectacular doll making supplies and repair products at eBay today!