Doll and teddy bear media help make your collection special

Do you have a strong passion for doll and teddy bear design, creation, restoring or collecting? If the answer is yes, you’re no doubt a fan of various doll and teddy bear media in the shape of books, magazines, scrapbooks, posters, prints, and other items related to the wonderful world of arts and crafts for soft children’s toys. It may not be the most common hobby going around, but rest assured eBay has still got you covered! Get ready to improve your skills and discover wonderful tips and ideas. Your collection of fabulous and fluffy toys is about to come to life.

Doll and teddy bear books

Doll and teddy bear books come in different shapes, sizes and themes depending on your specific interests. For example, you might be keen to read and learn more about the creative craft of soft toys and patterns, how to collect fashion dolls from various parts of the world, types of dolls and bears worth collecting for both fun and future profit, and how to create your very own toys for gifts or personal satisfaction. A doll or teddy craft book can include a wide array of delightful projects. Make teddy toys, knit teddy jumpers, sew teddy clothes or print teddy greeting cards. The options can be as exciting as your own imagination. 

Doll and teddy bear magazines

Doll and teddy bear magazines have been released for many decades, detailing all manner of interesting information and ideas for creators and collectors alike. Whether you’re into vintage or contemporary, personal favourites or collectables, mixed publications or specific titles, there are hundreds of volumes and issues of beautiful magazines for sale online. Popular magazine titles include Australian Dolls, Bears and Collectables; Doll World; Doll Crafter; Bears to Love; Bear Creations; Creative Bear Ideas; Treasured Bear Patterns; and many more.