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Double Headboards for Beds

A headboard makes your bed more comfortable, as you can lean back and read a book or simply relax before falling asleep. Besides looking good, a headboard is actually an easy and cost-efficient way to transform the look of your bedroom. Not all beds come with a headboard, and you often need to buy it separately. Headboards come in many shapes, sizes, styles and materials, so there is a lot to choose from. However, note that you should try and match it with your existing bedroom decor for a complete look. Double headboards are the most common options, as the double bed size is widespread.


Wooden headboards create a classic look and are the most common option available, also able to adapt along with different interior decor styles. If you get tired of your wooden headboard, you can always paint it any colour you like. One day you could have a black headboard and footboard for your double bed, and with some paint and effort, the next day you could redesign your bedroom with a white headboard and footboard for your double bed. Metal headboards can be from aluminium, brass, stainless steel or iron. These often feature ornate details that suit antique-style interiors. However, metal boards can be quite simple as well. Again, you can paint the metal if you want a different look. Upholstered headboards are the best option if you like to sit on your bed, as they are soft and comfortable to lean against. Velvet, linen and silk can create a luxurious feel in your bedroom, while their main disadvantage is that they are difficult to clean.


Panel headboards consist of a rectangular frame and include two or three panels of equal size. These are typically from wood and create a traditional look, although sometimes they could include intricate etchings or carvings as well. Bookcase headboards double as an extra storage space for your books, DVDs, photos and other items. These are a great option for homes short on space.

Installation Options

There are many ways to install bed headboards. Floor-standing headboards stand on their own, and most still include bolts, so you could attach them to the bed and keep it from moving away. Standard headboards include struts that you need to attach to the bed. You can adjust the height to suit your bed. Wall-mounted headboards include installation kits and fixings that let you attach them to the wall. However, you need to ensure that your wall is compatible with such an headboard.


The bed sizes matches with mattress sizes. The double size is the smallest size for a bed that fits two people, although it could also be a roomy option for one person who tosses and turns a lot during sleep. The double size measures 137 by 187 cm.

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