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Dr Martens Men's Boots

Whilst Dr Martens men's boots have their roots in workwear, in recent decades they have transformed into some of the most iconic footwear you can buy. In the 1960s they were associated with rebellion and attitude and whilst some of their boots still resonate with this fashion, their range has expanded to include Chelsea boots, ankle boots and safety boots as well as many other styles.

One of the features of Dr Martens men's boots that has led their popularity to endure for so long is their durability, and the fact that this hard wearing quality doesn't compromise on comfort. They are also known for their distinctive yellow stitching in many of their styles and the quality of the materials and workmanship used in creating them.

Types of Dr Martens Men's Boots

There are many types of Dr Marten boots for men, so ensuring you pick the right pair for your needs is essential.

The most timeless and classic designs that are associated with the brand are the 1460, 1490 and 1640 Smooth designs. These vary in height but have the traditional leather finish with front eyelets, and are available in a variety of colours - cherry red and black being the most popular.

Chelsea boots are also an increasingly popular choice for men who like the contemporary twist on a classic style, and want to be assured of top quality boots. Dr Martens men's Chelsea boots are available in a variety of the finest materials, from suede and leather to vegan materials.

Workwear and utility boots by Dr Marten also remain in high demand, again due to their immense durability and because they provide comfort even when worn for long periods of time in tough conditions. Whether you need a boot that is waterproof, has steel toe caps, or even boots that have puncture resistant midsoles or thermal linings, the vast range on offer is sure to contain what you're looking for.

Caring For Dr Martens Boots

Buying a pair of Dr Martens men's boots can often be an investment that lasts many years if they are looked after correctly. Taking care of your new boots to help ensure they last as long as possible and stay in great condition is essential.

Some tips for cleaning and caring for these boots include: removing the laces to make them easier to clean; using a shoe brush to dust off any dirt and conditioning the leather regularly to ensure that it remains soft and supple without cracking.