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Dr. Martens Women's Leather Shoes

Dr. Martens Leather Pull On Shoes for Women

Dr. Martens boots are famous for their excellent construction and comfortable sole. Although they are a mainstay in many womens closets, they have become particularly on-trend lately. This may be due in part to a renewed interest in 1990s fashion, when Dr. Martens were at their peak popularity. Even if when most people envision Docs, they think of lace-up boots like the 1460 style, Dr. Martens also has many popular pull-on styles.


Women first began wearing Dr. Martens shoes because they were not only comfortable, but they were also excellent quality. Even today, a pair of Docs is likely to last for years at minimum. Dr. Martens first had a rubberised sole, as opposed to a leather sole, because it would be more comfortable. Decades later, this is still the case. With an enormous range of styles to choose from, and new colours, patterns and styles that release seasonally, there are many options from which to choose.


Pull-on shoes are desirable in many ways. They have a sleek shape and are easy to put on and remove. Dr. Martens produces pull-on dress shoes, dress boots, casual shoes and casual boots. They come in various heel heights and calf lengths. Dr. Martens womens ankle boots are great for fall, and you can wear them with both dresses or skirts and trousers.


The original Docs used a leather upper and a rubber sole. Today, Dr. Martens includes cruelty-free materials, such as synthetic leather and canvas. Their patented soles are present in most styles; however, Dr. Martens have also introduced a Lite sole version of their Bouncing sole. It is lighter and more casual.

Popular Styles

Dr. Martens womens shoes come in many popular styles, including the Magdalena Aunt Sally, which is a heeled bootie with the classic yellow stitching, and the 2976, which is a flat unisex bootie with elastic in the ankle to create a snug fit. While some of their tall boot models lace up, both the Chianna and the Caite are riding style tall boots without laces, and they are popular staples for the fall season.