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Dr. Martens Women's Vegan Shoes

Dr. Martens Vegan Shoes for Women

Since Dr. Martens first started out in 1947, its distinctive boots have been synonymous with countercultures, from the 1960s skinheads to punks of the 1980s. Now it has applied this reputation to a range of animal-friendly footwear in a range of Dr. Martens vegan boots for women. The materials used in the boots are all vegan-friendly, without compromising on the quality, comfort, and style that has made Dr. Martens such a well-loved brand.

Vegan Leather

This line of Dr. Martens womens boots is made from synthetic leather with a flexible and hard-wearing upper that wont scuff or stain easily. The Vegan 1460s womens boots feature the same distinctive yellow stitching, air-cushioned sole, and welted construction that you have come to know and love with the Dr. Martens brand.

Sturdy Soles

Dr. Martens are renowned for its sturdy soles that will hold up no matter the conditions you put them through. From black ice to slippery rocks and rugged terrain, they will hug the floor and provide outstanding support with cushy Air Wair insoles for enhanced comfort.

Cambridge Brush Womens Shoes

Dr. Martens also manufactures the 1461 3 Eyelet Cambridge Brush derby shoes for women that are also made from vegan-friendly synthetic leather. The upper features a two-tone finish, while the air-bouncing sole provides outstanding traction, together with abrasion and slip resistance. They come complete with the same Air Wair insole seen in regular Dr. Martens boots for the most comfortable experience possible.

New and Vintage Features

While Dr. Martens is a long-established name, it has moved with the times and enhanced its boots by making them more comfortable and easier to break in. However, it has retained the original specifications in its Vintage line that is produced at the Cobbs Lane Factory in Wollaston, England, and perfect for die-hard Dr. Martens fans who want an authentic retro look.