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Dr. Spiller Skin Care Moisturiser Cream

Dr Spiller Cream Skin Care Moisturisers

Omniderms Dr Spiller skin care moisturisers cater to both men’s and women’s skin. The company began in Germany but now operates in many parts of the world. Select skin care clinics here in Australia also carry the product line for in-clinic use.

Organic Moisturisers

With a background in food technology, Dr. Horst Spiller used his knowledge and expertise to produce skin care products that are as natural as can be. Through years of research, he was able to create and develop Dr Spiller organic skin care moisturisers, products that are not water-based alone but rather an optimum oil-in-water blend that fosters healthy skin moisturisation.

Azulen Cream

Dr. Spiller Azulen cream works 24 hours to repair dry and irritated skin. The formula has an infusion of Azulene, a botanical agent so the cream does not redden the skin. Urea and lactic acid bind water for effective skin hydration. Additional ingredients include vitamin E, avocado and lecithin so you’ll see improved results in a matter of time, as well as German chamomile extract, beeswax and grapeseed oil. The product is non-comedogenic; it will not block pores or stress out your skin. Dry and pigmented skin may benefit well from product use.

Sun Protection

You can also purchase Dr. Spiller skin care moisturisers with sun protection. The Hydro Colour tinting cream acts as a 3-in-1 moisturiser, day cream and foundation that smooths skin for softness of colour and appearance. The formula helps conceal imperfections on blemished skin and moisturises dehydrated skin daily. Active ingredients include Aloe Vera, which has a hydrating effect. It is also an antioxidant rich in vitamins and flavonoids. Octyl methoxycinnamate acts as a sunscreen to protect you from UV rays.

Moisturise Regularly

Our skin faces daily exposure to heat and pollutants. Moisture is lost because of temperature changes and environmental stress. Regain balance by moisturising daily. Moisturisers also help your skin recover from pigmentation and other skin blemishes. Choose skin care products that have sun protection, so you keep your skin safe from the sun’s burning rays.