Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Ice cold refreshment for a buck or two at the push of a button sounds pretty good to us. It also sounds great to those frequenting your place of business. A drink vending machine can deliver such goodness quickly and simply, servicing your audience and potentially your bottom line. eBay has a line of vending machines for sale online every day that can be a great addition to your setup.

3 great benefits of having a drink vending machine on your premises

Increased foot traffic

Having a drink vending machine outside your storefront can be a great way to attract people to your place, especially if it's located in an area that features a lot of foot traffic. Although said people won't initially be coming directly to your shop, attracting people to your doorstep can only help business and increase the likelihood of walk-ins.

No closing hours

You can make a few bucks even when you're closed when you set up a vending machine. Long after you've locked the doors and shut up shop for the night, you can have people popping a few bucks into your drinks machine. It's probably not going to be a life-altering amount of money, but every little bit helps when you're running your own place.

Convenience for customers and staff

Being able to just pop up and grab something from a drink vending machine can be a huge time saver and keep people from having to lug around drink bottles in their bags. Vending machines can be great additions to waiting rooms as well as offices, where employees often need a hit of sugar or hydration.

If you think a drink vending machine is right for you or your place of business, turn to eBay for a range of options available online every day. Browse everything from complete setups to vending machine accessories now.

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