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Got one to sell?

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Ducati Classic and Vintage Motorcycle Parts

Ducati has produced a variety of motorcycles over the past few decades, and while it is possible to purchase a new one, many buyers prefer the look and feel of the classics. When searching for vintage motorcycles, keep motorcycle condition in mind. If the bike has not been kept in pristine condition, it may require work. While it is possible to take the motorcycle to a mechanic, performing the work yourself can be a budget-friendly alternative, and doing so is easy with a little know-how and the right vintage Ducati parts.

Fuel Tanks

Over time, fuel tanks may begin to rust. This is a commonly seen problem on vintage Ducati motorcycles that have not received proper maintenance and care. In order to find the proper replacement part, it is important to familiarise yourself with the make and model of your Ducati, as doing so helps to ensure Ducati spare part compatibility.

Aftermarket Parts

It may be difficult to find original items for your bike. When shopping, you will likely find that many Ducati parts are marketed as aftermarket. These parts are those made by a company that's different than the vehicle's original manufacturer. As the popularity of vintage Ducati motorcycles continues to rise, so too do the number of available aftermarket components, such as shock absorbers, exhaust systems, handlebars and fairings.

OEM Parts

Original equipment manufacturer (or OEM) parts are those made directly by the vehicle company rather than by a third party. While often difficult to find for vintage Ducati motorcycles, these parts are typically preferred for compatibility reasons since they offer a perfect fit. On the downside, OEM parts are generally more expensive than their aftermarket counterparts are.

New Old Stock Parts

Like OEM parts, new old stock (NOS) parts are those made directly by the original vehicle manufacturer; however, these parts have been discontinued, and as a result, have likely sat on the shelf in a warehouse for an unknown number of years. While often cheaper that OEM parts are, it is important to take quality into account when making a purchase.

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