Improve your fishing game with Dyneema

If you are looking for an extremely strong rope or fishing line, look no further than the trademarked Dyneema brand. Whether you need a high-strength rope for towing a car or boat, or wire to add a weight to and use as a fishing line, Dyneema is a trusted brand with a great range of products to choose from. Dyneema is a cutting-edge brand in its production of ultra-high-molecular-weight-polythene, or UHMWPE, and prides itself on strength and high-performance quality.

Servicing the fishing industry, heavy lifting, and even aviation, Dyneema is a top brand for steel material manufacturing for a wide variety of specific and general needs. So, take a look at this extensive range of top-quality Dyneema products and youll be sure to find exactly what youre looking for.


Find a huge selection of Dyneema ropes to choose from right here. If youre towing a car or a yacht, there is bound to be the synthetic winch rope you need. There is a large range of lengths and rope thicknesses to choose from and can be used for both big and small jobs.

Dyneema marine rope and dock lines provide great levels of strength as well as low elongation, and are also available in a Dyneema and polyester blended rope, for reduced stiffness.

Fishing line

No matter if youre a professional or an amateur, braided fishing line will have you bringing in the catch of the day in no time. This range offers 100 percent Dyneema Spectre braid lines with superior abrasion resistance for enhanced durability. These fishing wires are premium quality, giving you near to zero stretch and fantastic sensitivity, for a great day out on the water.

Youll be able to find a huge selection of colours for all tastes, with weights from 10 lb all the way up to 100-pounds for every type of fishing requirement.