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Hair styling the Dyson way

Dyson is perhaps best known for re-inventing the wheel when it comes to vacuum cleaners. Well known for their futuristic designs and features, the company have smartly diversified into other product areas with hand dryers, fans, washing machines, lighting and of course, beauty styling.

Hair dryer and styling wand

When it comes to speed styling, Dyson has you covered. Their Supersonic hair dryer incorporates cutting edge technology so your locks dry super-fast, leaving you to get on with your busy day so much quicker. With three precise heat settings and a constant measure and regulation of heat output, your hair is at much lower risk of heat damage. It also comes with an array of attachments engineered for particular hair types, not to mention an ergonomic design to reduce the chances of arm aches associated withholding up the dryer when styling. The Dyson Airwrap is one of the most advanced forms of a straightening and curling iron on the market. And it’s also a lot of fun to use. Based on the Coanda effect, the wand releases a constant jet of air that attracts your hair to the barrel. Just place a lock of hair next to it and watch how it magically wraps itself around the iron. The benefit? No tangles, and a much lower risk of getting burnt. The Airwrap also comes with a few different barrels sizes for big or small curls, plus a number of brushes so you can straighten your locks quickly and easily.

Extra accessories

While both the Airwrap and SuperSonic hair dryer come with multiple attachments, there are also a few nifty extras you can purchase, including a storage case, carry case and a stylish stand to house your hair dryer.

eBay has a wide selection of Dyson SuperSonic and Airwrap models and accessories at extremely competitive prices. While you’re at it, shop the range of great hair styling products to complete your look.

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