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Got one to sell?

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Hosting an event at your house? Have guests coming to stay for the weekend? Or perhaps you just want to tidy up your home after the family has done a number on it. One of the most trusted weapons in this fight against dirtiness is your vacuum cleaner. eBay is home to a wide range of vacuum cleaners that can leave your old device in the dust.

3 reasons why it's time to replace your old vacuum cleaner

Still dragging one of those giant plug-in vacuum cleaners around your house or apartment? Time to put an end to that. Here are three reasons why it's time for that old vacuum cleaner to go.

Smaller, more portable handheld vacuum cleaners can make it easier to get to those hard-to-reach places. For example, a Dyson handheld vacuum is a lightweight machine that can open up new cleaning horizons in and around your home. Watch it glide over your walls as it sucks up spider webs up in those obnoxious corners. Or easily maneuver around the furniture in your living room. A handheld vacuum from Dyson or any other major brand can make you a nimble Nancy or Nathan when it comes to sprucing up your place.

With a handheld vacuum, you don't have to worry about repositioning cords or tangling tubes as you move around. And you don't have to drag giant contraptions across your floors, risking scratches on your tile or wood or dings on your walls.

Finally, these smaller machines will do wonders for your organisation. Instead of piling up annoying tubes and attachments, your sleek, you can slide your slender handheld vacuum cleaner in the corner of a closet or slide easily under your bed, leaving you plenty of storage space to spare.

It's time to ditch your ancient vacuum and bring your cleaning routine into the 21st century. Check out eBay's range of handheld vacuum cleaners, bagless vacuums and other cleaning devices and accessories and make your home shine.

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