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Dyson Motor Vacuum Parts and Accessories

Dyson vacuum cleaners are renowned both for their productivity and for their ease of use. They come in several types, including upright, handheld, cordless and canister, each of which varies in terms of its features and technologies. When searching, keep your intended use in mind in addition to your budget. Some vacuums come designed for use on carpet, while others are strictly designed for hardwood or tile use. Still others are all-in-one appliances that can be used on multiple floor types.

Getting Your Dyson Motor Running Again

Dyson vacuum cleaners can be a costly investment, and over time, you may begin to experience problems with your vacuum's performance. If you are experiencing problems with your vacuum cleaner's motor, it may be time for replacement. Fortunately, you can avoid replacing your entire machine by purchasing a replacement part instead. Doing so is straightforward when you're equipped with the right information, as you will need to know the model of your Dyson in order to find the right replacement vacuum motor.

Keep Your Carpets Looking Nice with Cleaning Kits

Dyson cleaning kits are widely available and can help homeowners remove stains and troublesome spots from their carpets. They also help to keep carpets smelling fresh. These kits do not come included with your vacuum purchase, but instead are sold separately. They include spot cleaning spray, Zorb carpet powder and a special Zorb powder groomer.

Removable Bags for Ease of Cleaning

Dyson vacuum cleaners feature built-in canisters to store dirt and grime. While some canisters are bagless, others come with removable bags for faster and easier cleaning. These bags, which are designed to be disposable, are sold separately and make a smart choice for those who suffer from allergies.

Vacuum Cleaner Attachments Make Life Easier

Dyson vacuum cleaners can include various attachments, and additional ones (such as brush rollers) are available as a separate purchase. When shopping, consider the types of attachments your house could benefit from. For example, a grooming tool is a popular attachment amongst pet owners, as it safely and gently removes shedding fur from dogs, in turn reducing the amount of hair that makes its way onto the furniture and carpet. A mattress tool is another sound investment that's specifically designed for cleaning mattresses and other upholstered furniture.