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Join the electric bike revolution

Electric bikes, or e-bikes as they are sometimes referred to, are bikes which have recently increased in popularity. They have many benefits and ease the dreaded commute to work with less energy needing to be used, or help simply getting around town.

The average speed of an e-bike is a respectable 15mph compared to the crawl of a car navigating traffic in a busy town. They are ideal for anyone who enjoys bike riding for fun, alongside commutes and delivery drivers.

There are a huge range of manufacturers who produce electric bicycle's including Bosch, Simano and Gazelle, so it's worth browsing the range available to match the perfect electric bike to your needs.

Easy riding

In Australia, cycling is one of the fastest growing modes of transport but due to some of the hilly and challenging terrains in some parts of the country, the e-bike makes travelling easier.

As the name suggests an e-bike has an integrated electric motor but can still be used for exercise as they still use pedal power. The pedal-assist enhances the exertions of the rider when they are pedalling and can push the speed up, too.

E-bikes use rechargeable, usually Lithium-ion battery packs. These packs recharge very rapidly compared to others on the market taking roughly about 3.5 hours to fully recharge from flat.

What to look for in your electric bike

Tyre choice makes a significant impact on how your electric bicycle handles and rides. Speed, suspension and manoeuvrability are all impacted by different types of bicycle tyres. This means choosing the right tyre is essential on an electric bicycle because they ride at greater speeds than a standard bicycle and need to avoid going flat.

There is also a wide range of handlebars for electric bikes designed for specific requirements such as holding front baskets to carry shopping.

For the commuter or those who live in smaller residential areas, a folding electric bicycle would be beneficial, meaning it takes up less space when in the home, shed or garage. There are also electric bike covers and bicycle accessories to help make your next ride even more enjoyable.

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