Enhance your shredding skills with EMG

For all your guitar needs and accessories, look no further than EMG to find everything you need to keep playing music. Whether you need a guitar pickup or an EMG guitar tuner, they've got you covered. The selection available on eBay will ensure you find exactly what you need.

EMG has been providing guitar accessories since 1976, ensuring that they're tried and tested quality items. EMG boasts well-built and high quality products, making both active and passive pickups. Active EMG pickups are popular with metal and hard rock musicians and have been known to be used by famous acts such, Prince, Metallica, and Slayer. Find EMG products for acoustic players alongside those made for electric and bass guitars.

Types of EMG guitar pickups

EMG pickups are famous for their easy and quick installation, as they are designed for direct replacement in most instruments. The brand has been designing and manufacturing pickups for over 25 years and pride themselves on the quality they provide to their customers.

The most famous model is the EMG 81 active electric guitar pickup. It uses ceramic magnets and aperture coils to creates the best possible sound outcome for your guitar. You could also try a pickup set to increase your sound quality further. Look at the EMG 60/81 active Humbucker pickup set. The 81 is one of the most popular pickups produced EMG and the 60 produces rich harmonic tones with added rigour. The 60 provides clarity to your sound, working particularly well in the neck position.

Make sure you don't miss out on additional cables or wiring you might need. You'll find a selection of mono, stereo, and patch cables, especially for effects pedals. Take a look on eBay and select the EMG product that will work best for you and your music.