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EUCHNER Industrial Electrical Switches

Euchner is well-known for producing high quality industrial switches, with a particular focus on safety switches. They produce a wide range of different designs intended to operate different equipment.


Euchner is a German company based in the Stuttgart region. It was founded in 1953 and remains a family business. Since its foundation, it has expanded into a major operation with branches and subsidiaries around the world. Today, Euchner develops a wide range of products for industrial and engineering clients. The company is particularly focused on safety equipment for industry, with electrical switches and related equipment such as electronic keys making up a large part of their business.


Euchner manufactures a wide range of industrial electrical switches. Some of these designs are relatively simple, such as their position switches and handwheels. Other Euchner industrial switch designs can be more complex. Transponder-coded safety switches such as the CTP-AP and electromechanical safety switches like the NZ.VZ.VS may feature locking mechanisms that prevent them from being opened without proper authorisation. This ensures that only the right people can activate or deactivate the switch. In all cases, these switches are built to high standards of quality. In an industrial setting, unexpected activation or deactivation of a machine can be extremely dangerous.

AC vs. DC

Depending on the specific model of switch, Euchner switches may be intended for use with alternating or direct current. AC industrial switches are designed to be used with alternating current, while DC industrial switches are for direct current. Many Euchner switches can actually be used with either AC or DC electricity. However, industrial switches capable of doing both are rated for use with much lower voltages when used with direct current than they are when used with alternating current at the same amperage.

Other Euchner Switches

As well as their fixed safety switches, Euchner also makes other safety equipment for industrial settings. Their emergency switches are designed to provide instant deactivation of a machine in order to prevent a dangerous situation from occurring. These are activated by a single user action without locking mechanisms that might slow down response to an emergency and are intended to be used in conjunction with other emergency stop mechanisms. Euchner also produces handheld pendant stations, designed to keep essential functions within easy reach instead of forcing the user to rely on a fixed switch box.

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