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Ear, Nose, and Eyebrow Clippers and Trimmers

A speciality hair trimmer makes it easy to shape your eyebrows and remove that pesky nose and ear hair. The key to using an eyebrow trimmer correctly is to comb your eyebrows the opposite way they lay so that they stand up tall. This makes it easy to see which hairs need trimming back to match the other ones. The smaller size of these hair clippers makes it comfortable in your hand while trying to reach small, sensitive areas such as your nose or ears.

What are a Few Features Ear, Nose and Eyebrow Clippers?

  • Cordless - Don't tie yourself to an electrical outlet while trying to clip your excess hair. With a cordless ear, nose and eyebrow trimmer you merely charge and go.
  • Travel - A small, compact unit is ideal for travel. In fact, you might even want to purchase a separate one from the one you use at home and leave it in your suitcase. You never want to be out of town for a big meeting and realise you have unwanted hair and no way to clip them.
  • Washable - You want to have a way to clean the trimmer after you have used it. It's especially important if more than one person is using it.
  • Low battery indicator - It might seem like something trivial but knowing that the battery is getting low is a must on a rechargeable facial hair trimmer. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of grooming and your shaver stops working.

How Do I Clean the Trimmer?

  • Running water - With a nose, brow and ear hair trimmer with cleaning system or one that that has a "washable" label, you can wash it under running water. Face it; you don't want to clip your nose or ear hairs and then style your eyebrows without washing the razor.
  • Rubbing alcohol - Since it evaporates, it's safe to rinse the razer part of the nose hair trimmer off with rubbing alcohol. You can either pour the alcohol on the blade or use a clean, soft cloth to rub it off with; just do it gently.
  • Clean cloth - Once you have washed it thoroughly, you should take a dry cloth and dry it off. By removing the water, you reduce the chance of rusting.
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