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Ed Sheeran Tickets - Sydney

Sydney Ed Sheeran Tickets

Last time Ed Sheeran toured Australia was in 2015 with sold out shows. Even at the time, there were rumours flying around that he would be doing a tour of Australia and New Zealand in 2018. Well the time is finally here! Sheeran’s world tour will wind its way through the UK and Europe before visiting his adopted homeland down under, starting in March of 2018 with two performances in Perth. If you’re looking for tickets to one of his two Sydney tours, the last in Australia before he hops across the ditch to New Zealand, you’ve come to the right place.

A Night to Remember

Sheeran will be performing in Sydney Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth of March respectively, and you can still get tickets for all of these performances. And if you’re going with a plus one, have a look at the selection of two concert tickets listings for Ed Sheeran tickets, that way you won’t get stuck with two tickets for different places in the crush. And if you’re going to go with a group of friends or a family unit, you could get four concert tickets to make the most of the night.

An Award Winning Artist

Ed Sheeran is easily one of the biggest musical tours in Australia next year, and he’s more than justified his popularity over the years. He’s won two grammy awards, gotten billions of views on youtube, and hundreds of thousands of people have gone before you in purchasing tickets to his shows. This man makes memorable songs like the rest of us make breakfast, and shows no sign of stopping. You’ll no doubt hear all the greatest hits at his concerts so grab your Sydney Ed Sheeran tickets before they sell out.

All Over Australia

Sheeran is touring all over Australia. If you can’t make it to one of the Sydney performances, and you don’t mind making a bit of a trip, you might be able to see him with Melbourne tickets, which is where he’s headed before Sydney.