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Education Textbooks

Meant to enhance the learning process, education textbooks break down each subject in a way that students can understand. Published in a variety of types and with features that make learning fun and uncomplicated, textbooks vary from simplistic child-friendly designs to more complex college learning materials, and with many subjects available, it's easy to find the information you need on specific topics and skills. Choose the right textbooks based on grade level and subject matter for a custom learning experience.


Textbooks vary by subject, from the most basic subjects, like math and social studies, to more advanced topics, such as speaking Vietnamese, strategic reading, writing and psychological behaviour. All textbooks are meant to educate students on each specific subject, or add to knowledge by offering up details on certain topics. Kids' textbooks are broken down by year to ensure kids are on the right learning track, such as math for year 4, or reading for year 3 students. Also, test preparation textbooks are a common way to get ready for an important exam, such as college or law school entrance exams, and provide a variety of topics and sample questions for practice.


There are two basic types of textbooks, which include hardcover and softcover books. You'll typically find that first edition education textbooks come in hardback options, while later versions, updates or reprints offer a lightweight paperback option. Paperbacks are typically easier to use and more portable, especially for kids, and they tend to be a bit more affordable than heavier hardback options. Paperback books are simple to slip into a backpack and may encourage kids to read on the go.


Certain features and enhancements may make you select one textbook over another. For instance, teaching children becomes easier with the aid of illustrations, so choosing illustrated textbooks can provide a visual learning aid to younger students. Large print options make it easy to read about different subjects, especially if the textbook offers a wide assortment of information without images, making it somewhat difficult to read. Sometimes first edition textbooks are the best way to get to the original source of information, and books with dust jackets ensure students of all ages keep the actual textbooks clean and in good condition for the next user. Fun features include numbered or personalised books, making learning feel a little more personal.


Teachers often use workbooks as companions to textbooks, and students can use these books to practise problems, write out notes or thoughts, or make drawings. Workbooks let you take what you learn in a textbook and put it into practice in a safe spot, and workbooks separated by year ensure a custom approach for each grade level, tailoring content to a specific skill set and age group. Workbooks make learning fun for kids, as they can use colours, markers or other artistic mediums to explore writing, math, art, and history in a fun and casual way.

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