Electric Garden Tillers & Cultivators


Whether youre looking to aerate your garden soil, mix compost into the earth, loosen soil to allow water seepage, or kill weeds, a tiller or garden cultivator is a handy piece of machinery to have in your garden shed. A tiller will stir and pulverise the soil before planting, as well as uprooting unwanted plants or weeds. Designed only to disturb the soil in a careful pattern, you can be sure that you wont accidentally uproot your crops or plants, and instead focus on destroying weeds or loosening the soil.

What to look for when buying a tiller

There are several types of tiller to consider when buying a model for your garden or vegetable patch. You can choose from a garden cultivator, a rear tine tiller, or a front tine tiller. A cultivator is a lightweight machine mostly used for mixing in loose soil material and fertiliser, and breaking up the soil between rows of vegetables or plants. Theyre good for raised garden beds and may run on gas, electricity, or batteries. Being small means theyre easy to store and transport, but they work best on smaller yards. A rear tine tiller is constructed so the blades are in the back and the engine is in the front. Its powerful, but also bigger and heavier, so its perfect for turning an existing lawn into a flower bed. If you want to use it for tilling between rows of plants, youll need to ensure you have enough space between the plants for the dimensions of the rear tine tiller to maneuver between them. A front tine tiller is a good middle ground between a cultivator and a rear tine tiller. The blades are in front and its good for wedding between rows of plants. Always look for tines or blades that are made from a heavy duty metal with multiple cutting surfaces to really get into those weeds and other unwanted plants or grass in the soil. If you are tilling an existing lawn, youll make your life easier by mowing down the grass first, with either apush moweror aride on mower. Always remove rocks from the area that you intend to till to avoid injuries to yourself or damage to your garden cultivator. Purchase your perfect tiller right here on eBay and youll be enjoying your flourishing garden and home grown vegetables for years to come.