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Electric Furnaces Heating System

Electric furnaces are powered by the home's electrical system. An electric furnace has a variety of uses ranging from factory use or even at home as a home appliance.

How does an electric furnace work?

An electric furnace works just like a gas forced-air furnace with the difference being electric furnaces produce heat using electric elements and not the gas burners. It has a blower that blows air into the cabinet and then pushes the air out via the heat exchanger. The electric heating elements heat the air and then the air is then pushed by the blower into the rooms through the inbuilt ducted heating systems.

What are the advantages of electric furnaces?

  • Electric heating, unlike the use of gas and other combustion fuels does not pollute the environment.
  • They are available in different forms such as the portable electric furnaces.
  • They are made from durable material, e.g the stainless steel furnaces.
  • They can be made energy efficient with the addition of a heat pump.

How do I make my electric furnace energy efficient?

  • Re-program the thermostat of your mountable wall furnace to about 60-70 degrees.  
  • Regular servicing and maintenance of the air blowers and filters.
  • Remove any furniture that might be blocking vents and seal the windows.
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