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Electric Hot Water Systems

Electric Hot Water Systems

Never worry about running out of hot water again with hot water systems to suit your household and preferences. Whether youre after electric hot water systems, hot water systems with tankless capabilities or gas hot water systems, you can find energy-efficient and space-saving models in stylish designs.

How Do Electric Hot Water Systems Work?

Electric hot water systems are usually heated by an element at the bottom of the unit and the water is stored in an insulated tank throughout the day. They can be located either inside or outside the home with hot water provided by a mains pressure system at a similar flow rate as cold water. Its important to find a highly rated electric water heater with a well-insulated storage tank, ensuring its as energy efficient as possible.

Energy Saving

When deciding on a new electric hot water heater, look for those that provide maximum heat with minimum energy requirements. Innovative tankless technology means that theres no storage tank to heat and reheat water, and an electronic ignition reduces the energy used by standing pilot lights. The compact heat exchange design of tankless electric water heaters makes them one of the most sustainable options on the market today.

Space Saving

Tankless electric water heaters are also attractive because of their space-saving design and can easily be wall-mounted either on the interior or exterior of your home. Flexible installation options means they can be mounted in a diverse range of spaces, including areas such as lofts or crawl spaces that have not traditionally been used for hot water heaters.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar hot water systems utilise roof-mounted solar panels to absorb sunlight and heat water that is stored in a tank. They also have a gas or electric booster to heat the water on cloudy days, ensuring youre never left without hot showers. Solar hot water systems can be a cost-effective investment, with the size of the system you select depending on the number of occupants in your household.

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