Top Electric Pans & Woks

Top Electric Pans & Woks
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Electric Pans and Woks

Every amazing meal starts with a great recipe, great ingredients, and great cookware. Electric pans and woks may not be the first types of cookware that come to mind; however, there are times when these cooking implements are extremely handy. Just like countertop blenders, small kitchen appliances, like electric pans and woks, come in a variety of styles and sizes that make them practical to use not only at home, but in student accommodation, on holiday, or when electricity is available while camping.


The capacity of electric pans and woks varies according to the size of the cookware; however, there are choices with capacities to fit almost any need. People who are cooking for a large gathering may find that the extra-large pans and wok cookware work best, as these choices have a larger cooking surface to cook foods more evenly and can have a depth of 8 centimetres or more.

Heat It Up

One of the features that people enjoy with electric cookware is the ability to cook food at a specific heat setting without having to use a thermometer to test the internal temperature of food. Electric pans and woks are thermostatically controlled and include a probe that regulates and maintains the heat of the unit. The variable temperature and heat settings allow users to cook food at precise temperatures, which makes meal preparation easy and efficient.


Just because these small kitchen appliances are electric does not mean that cooks need to sacrifice their choice of cooking surface for the convenience that this electric cookware offers. Even though many forms of electric cookware include Teflon or other types of nonstick cooking surfaces, carbon steel wok cookware is widely available. Other types of cooking surface materials include stainless steel, aluminium-clad stainless-steel, aluminium, anodised aluminium, and surfaces that are induction-ready.


Keeping electric cookware in tip-top shape is easy to do with the help of some cookware accessories. Wooden or plastic cooking utensils are best for keeping cookware surfaces free of scratches. Some wok and electric pan handles may become hot while in use, so it is also advisable to have some heavy-duty silicone pot holders or gloves to minimise the chances of burns. Silicone is thinner and more flexible than many other materials so users can handle hot objects with ease.

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