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Pasta Makers

Why head to a restaurant for pasta when you can make fresh, homemade pasta in your own kitchen? Aside from a few ingredients, all you need to make delicious pasta that melts in your mouth and rivals any restaurant is a pasta maker. Pasta makers help you not only craft dough from scratch, but cut and mould it into the exact of pasta you desire, such as spaghetti or fettucine.

Manual Maker

For hundreds of years, pasta chefs and home cooks have relied on manual pasta makers to get the job done. These old-fashioned options, also called pasta rollers, may hearken back to the past, but they still produce the most delicious noodles available. Rollers come in many sizes and styles, and you simply adjust the thickness, insert the dough, and roll out ready-to-cook noodles or lasagna sheets in seconds.

Manicotti Machine

Automatic pasta makers don't rely on your hands to turn the crank. These user-friendly, modern designs do all the work for you. All you need to do is add the ingredients and choose the type of pasta you want, and the machine kneads and mixes dough and prepares the noodles you choose in mere minutes. Change it up by adding ingredients to create wheat noodles, or customise healthy pasta options by adding vegetable juices. Easy to clean and maintain, pasta machines do the heavy lifting, and all you have to do is enjoy handmade pasta. These machines come in various sizes and styles to complement every kitchen.

Getting Attached

Man cannot live on spaghetti alone, so it's important to have different attachments and moulds to create an array of noodle options. In some cases, you can purchase special pasta makers for a sole purpose, such as ravioli pasta makers, which allow you to make and fill your own ravioli pockets. If you love creating handmade ravioli as well as other detailed dishes like gnocchi, purchase machines and gadgets that help create these pasta preferences perfectly. Another great item to have on hand is a pasta drying rack, which allows you to easily dry your fresh pasta before it's ready to cook and serve.

A Cut Above

Although pasta machines come in manual and automatic designs, there are even smaller options for crafting pasta. Pasta cutters and stamps use a small rolling design to create a variety of pasta shapes from dough. Easily cut noodles of various thicknesses, or make more elaborate tortellini and ravioli shapes. Add fancy edges to pasta pockets, or cut pieces to exact size and shape specifications for a custom dish design.