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Electric Shaver Power Chargers and Cords

Using an electric shaver makes shaving portable and convenient, and with wireless and cordless options available, taking your electric shaver on the go is a breeze. To keep using men's electric shavers, however, you must charge them regularly to keep them juiced and ready to shave. This means you'll need to have chargers and cords at the ready, and if you travel, it's convenient to have backups in place so you'll always have one on hand when you're ready to use your electric razor.

What Are Some Features of Electric Shaver Power Chargers?

Most face shaver power chargers are the same; they have a block that plugs into an outlet, which is attached to a cord that plugs into the charging base of your beard shaver or your electric shaver itself to provide the power to the shaver. Depending on your outlet type, you may or may not need an adapter to convert electricity. Various brands of shavers are compatible with various power chargers, so you may want to ensure that your brand and model of electric shaver works with the charger or cord you select. For safety purposes, look for a charger that has an automatic overload cut-off as well as protection from short circuiting and high voltage.

What Are Some Brands of Electric Shaver Power Chargers?

Since chargers and cords are meant to match up with their compatible razors, there are many brands from which to choose. Some well-known electric razor brands include Philips, Braun and some are under the brand name Philips Norelco. These brands provide a wide variety of shaver, razor and groomer styles, many of which require a charger cord or adapter to provide power. Remember to check the brand as well as the series of the groomer and model number to ensure you're getting the right charger.

What Are the Components of Electric Shaver Power Chargers?

When you're purchasing an electric shaver power charger, you'll see some with components that others don't have. This doesn't necessarily mean they're required, but some models may just look different. While many power chargers are of a similar style (meaning they're a cord attached to a block, some require a base to set the razor down on to charge, while others simply come with a stand that makes it easier to set the razor down on as it charges.

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