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Electrical Cords and Wires

When it comes to using appliances and electronics, electrical cords and wires help you to connect your device or appliance to a power source. These building materials are necessary components of every household, whether you're hooking up a home theatre or using everyday appliances, such as a lamp or a computer.

What Are Some Cord and Wire Types?

Cable wire is generally thick and coated for safety. These types of wires have multiple uses, such as connecting holiday lights, hooking up power tools or for use with interior light fixtures. Electrical power cables can be used for machinery or appliances, and cords are often made of cloth or are coated with PVC plastic, while an extension cord plugs into an existing cord and allows you to extend it, so you can plug an item in that's not near a power outlet. 

How Do You Buy Cords and Wires?

The best way is to select the purpose for which you're using the cord. For instance, a lamp cord does as its name implies, which is helping you to connect your lamp to a power source. Next, choose the diametre of your cord, such as 2.5mm. You can purchase cords in lengths of 2, 5 or 10 metres, depending on how much cord you need for your specific purpose. Additionally, decide whether you need a 2-pin extension cable or a 4-pin connector.

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