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Reduce hassle with an Electrolux dryer

An Electrolux dryer boasts a range of design features that ensure your clothes are perfectly dried and ready to wear. Choose from standard condenser and vented models in a range of loading capacities.

Different types of Electrolux dryer

The vented Electrolux dryer is designed to be positioned by a window or external wall. To use, a vent must be fitted into the wall, or you can hang the dryer's hose out of the window. The multi function dryer features a range of drying programmes that are suitable for clothes, and bulky items like blankets and doonas.

The condenser Electrolux doesn't require any exterior vents. The dryer removes humidity and re-circulates air. The water that it collects from your washing is collected inside a removable plastic container that needs to be regularly emptied.

If you have limited kitchen or laundry space a combo Electrolux dryer is a cracking option for your home. The combination washer dryer appliance takes care of cleaning and drying clothes, so there's no need for messing around with laundry pegs. The whisper quiet eco inverter motor also means that you can empty your washing basket at any time of the day or night, without worrying about making too much noise.

Standard Electrolux clothes dryer variations

Advanced Sensor Electrolux dryers feature multiple drying programmes, button functions and controls that make getting clothes dry super easy. The energy star rating 2 Electrolux dryer offers variable degrees of dryness and crease-guard and is ideal for refreshing garments, bedding and doonas. Most models have a directional front vent grille.

The front-loading, heat pump technology Electrolux dryer boasts an energy star rating of six, and standard multi functions and programmes, making it the most energy efficient dryer available. The rapid 38 minute cycle is a ripper option if you want to dry a small load. Reverse tumbling action and a refresh cycle are additional benefits.

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