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Electronic Drum Kit

Get your sticks on an electronic drum kit and start practicing your form whenever the urge arises, without disturbing your family, pets, or neighbours. An electric drum set is also perfect if you're low on space. With a smaller footprint than an acousticdrum kit, they're easy to fit into a small corner of your home. They're also easier to assemble and disassemble for transporting to and from rehearsals or gigs. They also provide you with a limitless choice of snares, toms, kicks, and cymbals. You'll have hundreds of drum kit options at your fingertips to match any genre of music or performance space. Some drum kits are even available in hybrid models to give the best of both the electronic and the acoustic worlds.

How does an electronic drum kit work?

The electric drum set requires trigger pads that, when struck, send an impulse to the trigger interface that then plays the corresponding note. When a trigger pad is hit hard, the signal increases the volume. When a trigger pad is hit lightly, the signal is sent to play a quieter version of the note. Keep in mind that electronic drum kits are not silent, the noise is similar to practice pads and other people will hear the noise, particularly if they are below you (in an apartment or double storey house, for example). In particular, thebass drumcan be quite loud even with the trigger off. While you might long for the sound of a real set, the most important thing to remember is that practising on an electronic drum kit is better than no practise at all. The coordination, timing, reading, and single surface technique of an electric drum set is exactly the same as an acoustic. Get started today with eBay's amazing range of electronic drum kits.

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