Electronic games for everyone

Electronic games add extra excitement and entertainment to playtime. From a handheld arcade game to an electronic puzzle game or vintage computer game, shop the wide selection of electronic games here on eBay.

Handheld Games

Play your favourite game on a handheld device and take it with you and play on the go. An LCD Electronic Tetris Game is ideal for gamers of all ages and it lets you play a classic game no matter where you are. Also known as pocket toys, these handheld electronic game devices are easy to use and come available in a range of colours.

Arcade Games

Play a Vintage Galaxy Explorer Tabletop Electronic Pinball Game with amazing sound effects, scoring display and rocket launcher. Arcade electronic games have captured the imagination of children for years and now you can enjoy them from your own home. Mini arcade games often come with a range of retro games for kids to enjoy with removable joystick controllers for easy use.

Console Games

Travel back to your childhood with a classic Pokemon or Donkey Kong Jr game. Grab some snacks and relax with a blast from the past. Electronic games for consoles are perfect for gaming with friends and playing your favourite game on the go.

Electronic Games

Test your friends and see if they're really telling the truth with a fun lie detector test or enjoy a classic game of Bop It! Puzzle games are also available, including popular puzzles such as a classic Sudoku game and others including solitaire, hangman, poker, scrabble and checkers.

Learning Games

Electronic games can be both fun and educational. Learning games such as the LeapFrog LeapPad Learning Tablet for kids is a great way to get your kids excited about learning. The Paw Patrol Learning Blazon toy is another great game to teach children about shapes, colours and numbers.