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Electronic Gadget Bulbs and Components

Electronic gadget bulbs can come in thousands of sizes and specifications, from replacement bulbs for remotes and smartphones to bulbs for games and toys. When looking for electronic gadget bulbs and components, it's important to consider things like size, color, wattage, and other factors which can impact compatibility with other parts.

How Do I Know What Size Bulb I Need?

Sometimes it can be difficult to match electronic gadget bulbs by size alone. When you don't know what size of bulb you need, the first step is to look at the bulb shape. The shape usually indicates the series of bulb, and visual guides are readily available on manufacturer websites to help match the shape to the series. For example, you might consider:

  • Traditional teardrop bulbs are B series bulbs;
  • Round globe bulbs are g series;
  • Bulbs with a flared middle are BT series bulbs; or
  • Cylinder bulbs with a mount only on one end are T series bulbs.

What Other Electronic Gadget Bulb Components Will I Need?

Depending on your situation, to replace electronic gadget bulbs you may need a socket holder or base wire connector, which can help convert non-LED fittings to use LED bulbs. A new bulb socket base can replace a base which has rusted or corroded, or become unusable for other reasons. A bulb extender can allow you to extend the socket base so that you can use larger bulbs, improving luminance and performance of the bulb.

Will I Need a Bulb Adapter?

When purchasing a bulb of the same kind, you should not need a bulb adapter unless the original adapter has suffered any manner of damage or deformity. When removing the original bulb, check along the interior of the socket for unusual warping, rusting, or other issues.

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