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Elevation Training Masks

Elevation training masks are designed to help athletes regulate their breathing, increase lung stamina and capacity, as well as their overall oxygen efficiency. They replicate the experience of training at high altitudes and the increased demands experienced on the body. Elevation training masks can be used to improve your mental and physical stamina, while enjoying an increased anaerobic threshold in your daily workouts.

High-Altitude Training

Elevation training masks are a powerful addition to your boxing and martial arts training equipment and supplies, mimicking the effects of high-altitude training on the body. Elite athletes often go to high-altitude levels to improve their performance, returning to sea level feeling stronger, faster and with increased endurance. Don't have mountains that are readily accessible? An elevation training mask helps to replicate this when using boxing and martial arts training dummies, jogging or during a workout session at your local gym.

How Do They Work?

Elevation training masks feature multi-level resistance systems to control how much air is flowing through the flux valves. They assist your lungs in adapting and taking deeper breaths in order to use the oxygen available to the body more efficiently. As you breathe against greater resistance, the lining in your lungs stretches to allow the alveoli's surface area to increase, enabling more red blood cells and oxygen to be transported around the body.

When to Wear an Elevation Training Mask

Elevation training masks are often made from high-grade neoprene that can withstand outdoor training in all conditions. Wear one while using boxing and martial arts skipping ropes, training or just put it on next time you're going for a run. Elevation training masks can also be worn while performing rowing exercises or a workout on your cycling machine.

More Efficient Workouts

Because your body is working harder when you wear an elevation training mask, it is great for those who want an intense training session during a short lunch break or when time is limited. When worn regularly, you will see an improved performance in endurance and fitness levels not only during your workout sessions, but in all aspects of life.

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