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Got one to sell?

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No need to string you along

Elixir strings give you the chance to string your acoustic or electric guitar without compromising tone. The tone of Elixir strings usually comes down to the coating. The better the coating, the longer the string will last and the nicer the guitar will sound. An Elixir string is available in different string gauges and they are often much longer than required.

This is to allow the guitar player to cut them down to size when the string has been put onto the guitar and tuned. A coated string will also affect how smooth the instrument is to play, the tone, the price and the type of music it is suited for. Common string gauges include extra light, light, medium and more.

Elixir String Tone

A coated Elixir string may cost more in price but the coating will ensure that your strings are protected and that you get the best tone. Light strings will have a much smaller gauge on an electric guitar when compared to an acoustic guitar. Light strings can vary greatly depending on whether you buy an Elixir string set or a set from another manufacturer. They are measured in 1/1000th of an inch and the most common range is 0.10-0.46.

Heavier Elixir String Sets

Heavier Elixir string sets are generally better for heavier strummers. This is because they offer much more durability and they also don't tend to break as easily. They are also suited to drop tunings and guitars with low action. This is because they have a much tighter vibration and therefore don't respond to fret buzz as much. If playing without an amp, a heavier Elixir string set is ideal because it is much louder.

When purchasing guitar string sets on eBay, make sure that you note whether the string set is electric or acoustic, as either set cannot be used on the other type of guitar.

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