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Emmaljunga Prams and Strollers

If youre a parent of a little one, whether youre going to the park, the paediatricians office, or shopping for nappies, youll probably need to use a pram or stroller quite often. Emmaljunga offers equipment to hold up every day of the year in all kinds of weather with features, colours, and seating capacities to match your familys preferences. Even pram and stroller accessories are a big deal when children demand attention on the spot and on the go.

Emmaljunga Pram and Stroller Accessories

When looking through the inventory of Emmaljunga pram and stroller accessories, consider purchasing a parasol that attaches to the pram so your baby doesnt get sunburned. Moreover, a cup holder snaps into place to accommodate a sports drink for you or a bottle for your child, while a spacious side bag attaches to the chassis to hold purses, nappy bags, books and other personal items. Finally, footmuffs come in handy to keep the baby warm and some zip apart to form a seat pad in warmer weather.

Seating Capacities

Growing families that include a newborn and a toddler need to feel comfortable when moving about. Versatile Emmaljunga 4-wheels prams and strollers convert from a single to double stroller when the time comes to make the change. Two-seaters are available for twins or siblings, thereby providing plenty of space for each child. Some units include a carrycot for a newborn, a seat for children 6 months and up, and adapters available for one- and two-seat configurations.


You and your child are happy when you have everything at hand when travelling on foot and by carriage. These prams can hold up to 40 kilograms without succumbing to the weight and have mosquito netting and a rain cover so your children never have to deal with insects or raindrops. Swivel front wheels and an adjustable handle keep you going up and down hills and making turns without interruption. The 5-point harness fits the child snugly, yet comfortably for safer riding.


Since you are likely to use your pram frequently, choose one in a colour you like. There are shades of black, navy, and olive that take the brunt of food and liquid spills without revealing multiple mishaps. Polka dot fabrics, beige, blue and white also appeal to a wide range of buyers.