European stamps for every philatelist

European stamps are available in popular, unusual, and rare vintage designs from a variety of countries from different years. Discover both single stamps alongside sets to help kickstart your collection.

European stamps from different countries

UK stamps are available singularly, in commemorative collections, and mismatched selections. Choose from themed designs that highlight historical events, historical figures, architecture, wildlife, and royalty. Colourful seasonal and Christmas stamps are also popular.

Vintage, retro, and rare stamps from France and the colonies include mint mini sheets, definitive stamps from the 1960s, and colourful collections of themed designs. Overprinted and sunken die proof stamps are available in a range of designs from throughout the decades.

German stamps are available in used and mint conditions. Choose from classic commemorative designs, blocks of official stamps in 18 different designs, and rare Adolf Hitler stamp collection packs containing 25 different designs.

Italian stamps include rare inverted head mint stamps, stamps from the Papal States, and colourful collections of pre-1970s used stamps. Covers and cancellation postage stamps are also available. Oddment single stamps and sets are available in mixed quantities.

European stamps from Russia and the Soviet Union include those sent on registered cover mail, never hinged mint collections of miniature sheets, and vintage stamp pairs dating back to 1919. Colourful collections of 12 or more used stamps are available in a range of designs.

Many of the European stamps from Greece are decorated with traditional designs including the Olympic Games and Greek dancers. Rare usage stamps of Minoan art and other designs are rare and high value. Modern tourism sets of European stamps are an alternative option.

Popular designs of European stamps

European stamps that are issued to celebrate a royal wedding or other commemorative royal family anniversary are highly popular stamps to add to a collection.

Vintage and modern victory and liberation European stamps that commemorate WWII are desirable collection pieces.