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Eye Shadow Palettes

Why stick with just one or two colours of eye shadow when you can have them all? Assorted palette eye shadow styles and colours allow you to create exciting combinations that are hard to get from even two colour choices. From eye shadow creams and powders to glitter and matte colours, there are a variety of eye shadow palette styles to give you a perfect look for any occasion.

Cream Eye Shadow Palettes

People who want a shimmery look for their eyes often prefer to use cream eye shadow palettes. Cream eye shadows typically stay in place longer than other types. It is easy to blend cream eye shadows and create a unique colour combination that matches any mood or outfit. Cream eye shadows are moist, which makes them easy to apply, and typically dry to either a glittery or matte powder finish.

Powder Eye Shadow Palettes

One of the best types of eye shadow palettes for people with oily skin is the powder eye shadow select. Powder eye shadows are great for absorbing oil that may cause other types of eye shadows to fade or crease. Powder eye shadow is easy to apply and often has either a glittery or matte finish. Eye shadow palettes can feature colours that are suitable for areas of the eye that include the lid, crease, under brow, and outer eye corners.

Perfect Combinations

When it comes to mixing and matching eye shadow types, it is not hard to come up with the perfect combination of colours or textures. To make eye shadow last longer on the eyes, try using cream eye shadow as a base colour for powder eye shadows, as this creates a surface that only makes the eye shadow easy to apply, but helps to keep it in place as well. Many eye shadow palettes come in duos, trios, or quads of coordinating textures and colours so it is not a bad idea to have both cream and powder eye shadow palettes available.

Subtle or Striking Eyes

Peach palette eye shadow combinations are popular for enhancing eyes in a subtle, but beautiful, way. Neutral colours are great for everyday wear at work, but they can also enhance bold eye shadow styles as well. Eye shadow palettes can help you create smoky eyes, brighter eyes, and eyes that look bigger or more open. No matter which type of eye-catching style you are seeking, there are eye shadow palettes to enhance your eyes.