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Surf like the pro's on an FCS Surfboard

FCS, meaning fin control system, is a brand and type of fin setup for your surfboard. One of the best surfers in the world, Kelly Slater, relied on using the FCS system on this board for over 10 years and is also used by thousands of other passionate surfers across the globe. The design can be used with a traditional tri-fin placement, as a quad or dive fin set up. The difference in these designs allows the surfer to have a slightly different impact with the water depending on how they intend to surf resulting in a better performance.

Choose a surfboard for you

There are a variety of FCS fins on eBay firstly the colour is available in a large variety of options from black to grey to multi-coloured and practically most colour combinations you can imagine.

FCS has a range of different models available for use depending on what you use your surfboard for on the water. From the neo glass model which is lightweight with a moulded fibreglass construction, it is designed to deliver pro-standard performance with a highly responsive design. Then there is the performance core model which delivers a consistent feel throughout with less weight and designed in such a way that you can maintain drive and hold throughout a turn consistently and reliably.

Other models include the performance core carbon, performance core, ultra light and glass flex ranges to give you more than enough choice when choosing the fin for your surfboard.

Surfboard care

Once you've found the best FCS Surfboard for you, you can browse the range of surfing equipment and care products to ensure you are kitted out to catch any wave, whatever the season. Looking after your surfboard properly will ensure it will be by your side for years to come.