Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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For a safer, easier and more enjoyable way to work, grab some radio headphones from eBay and turn up the volume on your favourite songs and stations. While genuine noise-cancelling technology is not standard, these earmuffs are more than capable of blocking out the vast majority of external sounds and distractions. Along with the AM/FM tuner, most AM/FM radio headphones on the market also offer complete Bluetooth connectivity and external 3.5mm audio auxiliary input for non-Bluetooth audio devices. That means you can stream your own music all day, every day, but still be ready to answer incoming phone calls with the simple touch of a button. The Bluetooth function is compatible with TV, PC, tablets, MP3 players, iPod Shuffles and smartphones.

More features

Top of the line radio headphone sets come with an antenna, up/down buttons, LCD screen, microphone and micro USB recharge port. Generally speaking you will need 3 x AAA batteries that are not included with the item. It's worth noting that some items can be powered by rechargeable batteries, however these must be custom rechargeable batteries for the item you have in mind. Andoer headsets, for example, are built for low power consumption, bringing you 8 hours of talking time, 8 hours of music playing time and 120 hours of standby time.

Big brands

The popular, respected brands to consider include Bullant, Wintal, Philips and Andoer, but the unbranded radio headphones on eBay mostly provide similar benefits. All radio headphones are designed to offer a lightweight feel with an adjustable headband for comfort and versatility. One main advantage of Bullant models is the compact design with folding earpieces for superior convenience. You can also find radio earbuds and earphones for sale.

Tired of hearing all the wrong sounds while you're working? It's time to give your ears a well-earned break. Buy a set of radio headphones on eBay today!

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