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FMF Racing Motorcycle Exhausts and Exhaust Systems

Motorcycle exhausts do more than just sound awesome. An internal combustion engine is basically just a form of pump, which moves fuel-air mixture into the cylinder and combustion products out. The whole point of FMF racing motorcycle exhausts and exhaust systems is to do that as smoothly and efficiently as possible, so your engine doesnt have to work hard to clear the cylinders for the next charge.

Motorcycle Exhaust Systems

When you are talking about FMF racing motorcycle exhaust systems, you are talking about everything after the exhaust valves. From headers, to pipes, mufflers, and even tips, its all part of the exhaust system. A complete racing exhaust system not only reduces back pressure, but also helps the engine breathe better at the right part of the power curve. To get the most out of any exhaust system, you should always tune the fuel system to match it.


FMF racing motorcycle silencers, mufflers, and baffles all fit on the end of the pipe and serve to reduce the sound of your engine to legal levels. Replacing just the exhaust is easier than replacing the whole system, but it also gives less of a performance boost. If nothing else, its a good start for any enthusiast.

FMF Reasons

There are several reasons to replace your factory exhaust system with an FMF racing one. For one thing, the FMF system is usually lighter; your bike will go faster and get better fuel economy if its hauling less weight around. For another thing, the FMF system is better. Stock systems have to meet certain budgetary limitations, but aftermarket models like FMF have no such requirements.

Installing FMF

Installing an FMF muffler is easy, you just remove the original one and bolt on the replacement. Installing a full system takes a bit more time and money. You may have to move various sensors and other elements in order to run the new pipes. Whenever possible, try to reuse brackets and other components, but it wont always be possible.

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