Factory Unlocked 4G Data Capable Mobile Phones

Factory-Unlocked 4G Data Capable Mobile Phones

When shopping for mobile phones, consumers hear 3G, Next-G, and 4G all the time. Mobile carriers in Australia support both 3G and 4G capabilities, so does one make a difference over the other? First of all, mobile phone carriers have been moving to broadly supporting 4G data capabilities since 2011. It is important to check if your chosen carrier has a 4G network. If you want to be prepared for the future, a factory-unlocked 4G mobile phone will allow you to keep up with the data speeds of your carrier.

Factory Unlocked

Factory-unlocked mobile phones are useable on any network. That is, you can put a SIM card in for any carrier you like and it will work. Factory-unlocked 4G mobile phones may be more expensive than phones tied to a carrier, but it does mean that you can take the phone with you if you decide to switch mobile carriers. It may be possible to unlock a phone that has already been tied to a carrier. This is rarely done, however, and will almost certainly void any warranty with the manufacturer.

Storage Capacity

You also need to decide how much storage capacity you need. If youre the sort of person who only wants a mobile for making phone calls, you may want to look at 16 GB unlocked 4G mobile phones. If you like to have loads of apps or take (and keep) loads of pictures, you should consider 32 GB unlocked 4G mobile phones.

Mobile Phone Brands

Most phone brands offer both 3G and 4G network options. When considering Android-compatible phones, two possibilities include Samsungs Galaxy 8 and HTCs One M7. Apples mobile phones have been 3G and 4G compatible since the iPhone 5 model.

New, Used, or Refurbished

If cost is a consideration when looking for a mobile phone, you should consider if you must have one new or if a used or refurbished model will be appropriate. New phones tend to be the most expensive, but with new models coming out all the time, it can be easy to find a recent, but used, model. Refurbished is another option to consider. This means the phone has been reset and reconditioned, usually by the manufacturer or another professional.