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The function and features of fairy floss machines

Nibbling on fairy floss at a carnival or fair is a favourite pastime for people across the globe. Fairy floss machines make a fun addition to any event, using an impressive process to serve this kid-friendly treat to the masses.

How do fairy floss machines work?

Though we may not think of fairy floss as science, the function of fairy floss machines is dependent on chemical reactions and centrifugal force. Fairy floss machines work by using an inner bowl and outer bowl. The inner bowl is where sugar is heated and spun. The bowl spins with enough speed to send the spun sugar through small holes. When the sugar moves through the holes, the outer bowl is there to catch the sugar, which has been spun into thin strands. When these strands are collected, we have fairy floss.

Features of fairy floss machines

Much like popcorn machines, most fairy floss machines are intended for commercial use at events like carnivals, sports games, or fairs. The key components of any commercial fairy floss machine are a motorised base and spinning head. These components can vary in size and power, which will affect the output of the machine. Those looking for large, powerful restaurant kitchen equipment might consider machines with high outputs of 1500 watts.

Other features of fairy floss machines include options add-ons like plastic covers and rolling carts. Most fairy floss machine covers are made in a dome shape, which prevents sugar from spinning onto anyone nearby, and also helps keep outside elements like dirt from entering the bowl. A rolling cart acts as a table for your machine, but can be moved around easily.

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