Gifts for Dad

15 Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Will Make His Day

fathers day gift ideas

It’s not a secret that great Father’s Day gifts can be hard to find. Every Dad is different, and most of the time they don’t even know what they want themselves!

But one thing is for sure: even though they might tell terrible jokes sometimes, Dad always deserves the best. And you want to get him a gift he really wants that he will remember for years to come.

Whether it’s practical and useful you’re looking for, or something more luxurious and fun, there’s a gift idea out there to put a smile on Dad’s face.

Pick a winner with these Father’s Day gift ideas that will help you make it a special one for him.

blue band fitness tracker

Fitness Trackers

For an active Dad who’s always on the go, a fitness tracker should be top of your list. It's great for tracking exercise, activity, sleep and more while also adding a touch of style to the wrist. For those concerned about their health, opt for a tracker with heart rate monitors.

Alcohol & Liquor

Celebrate your Dad by cracking open a bottle of wine or serving some of his favourite whiskeya> over ice. Explore the range of liquor available on eBay and get him a bottle of his favourite drink to say thanks by helping him unwind.

mixed wine

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

There’s no better way to relax than with noise-cancelling headphones. They’re ideal for airplanes, the metro, watching movies at home, or even just having a bit of peace and quiet at home!

Polo Shirts

Style his wardrobe this Father’s Day with a classic polo from Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger, or shake it up with a loud and colourful print to add to his collection.

black polo shirt
hugo boss mens fragrance

Men's Fragrances

Help your dad smell the way he makes you feel with a special fragrance. Not only will HE thank you but so will the others around him! Choose a scent from his favourite brand such as Hugo Boss or buy an aftershave or a gift set for a practical option.

Phone Charging Mats

Why plug your phone in to charge when you can use this handy charging mat? With one for every smartphone available, it’s the ideal gift for the dad who already has it all (or thinks he has).

phone charging mat
whiskey shot glasses

Whiskey Glasses

Wet his whistle with a set of whiskey glasses to enjoy when it’s time for a nip. Select a single glass or get him the whole set, and add a whiskey decanter to the mix for him to show off to his mates.

Shaving Sets

Make shaving the best part of his day with a luxurious shaving kit. No more cuts or little accidents when you’ve got a nice razor, shaving gel and after-shave brush in your bathroom cabinet.

mens shaving set
leather wallet

Leather Wallets

If his wallet is looking a little worn out, a new leather number will make him feel a million dollars. Pick his favourite colour and browse a range of features like zips, RFID blocking and slimline to make his life easier.


Put a spring in his step with a new pair of runners for Father’s Day. It will make his next walk or run a comfortable one, and give him the support he needs to enjoy time in the gym, on the track or on the court even more.

black new balance sneakers
portable cooler bag

Cooler Bags

When he’s on his next adventure (or even just at the local golf course) a cooler bag is sure to make him a happy camper.


Everyone jokes about it, but good pairs of socks are worth their weight in gold. Keep Dad toasty in winter, sweat-free in summer or looking snappy on the streets this season with a pair he won’t want to take off.

sock set
pressure washer

Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are unbelievably handy for a variety of uses. Whether it be cleaning the driveway, the BBQ grill or truck, your dad will appreciate you helping make his life easier.

Swimming Shorts

When was the last time Dad updated his swimwear? Give the gift of aquatic fashion this year with a pair of boardies for beach, pool or spa. Or, go for a quality rashie to keep him safe out on the surf.

swimming shorts
portable bbq

Portable BBQs

Give him a tabletop grill and you’ll never hear the end of it! These handy portable BBQs will make him the ultimate grillmaster at home, in the park, or on holiday.