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Faux Leather Bar Stools

Along with fabric bar stools and leather bar stools, faux leather bar stools are one of the most popular types of stools. They add a decorative, yet functional, touch to your kitchen, living room or place of business. These stools work well for high tables, as well as in-built counters and bars. They come in many different styles so you can find those that suit your personal style and complement your decor.

Faux Leather Round-Seat Bar Stools

Faux leather round-seat bar stools feature three or four legs and a round seat. Most of these seats have padding, but some simply feature a layer of faux leather stretched over the material of the frame. You can find this type of stool with metal or wooden frames.

Faux Leather Bar Stools With Backs

Faux leather bar stools with backs come in three and four leg varieties, and they also come with a single leg attached to a base. These stools feature a backing connected to the seat so that you can have some back support. Some of them feature a back that has the same faux leather material as the seat, while others have a metal or wooden back.

Faux Leather Swivel Bar Stools

Faux leather swivel bar stools have a single leg that attaches to a solid base on the floor. They also have a mechanism within the leg that allows them to swivel. Some of them can swivel 180 degrees, and others can swivel a full 360 degrees.

Adjustable-Height Bar Stools

Adjustable-height bar stools feature a hand or foot lever that allows you to make the base of the chair longer or shorter. This type of stool is useful for those who want to use them with multiple tables or counters. You can shorten them and use them at your kitchen table or make them taller so you can use them at a counter.

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