Life-like silicone dolls are collectables or playthings that can’t be put down!

Are you looking for a doll for your child or anyone else who deserve a memorable gift?

Silicone dolls are known for their child-like features and are great gifts for precocious children who are developing their feel for relationships with the outside world.

Non-toxic, cuddly, and entirely affordable, these dolls will make you an instant favourite in family and friend circles!

Take your pick from a range of highly realistic dolls

From caucasian babies to toddlers of African descent, you can now choose from a range of dolls and make a thoughtful and meaningful gift to children who love babies!

You can not only choose from male and female dolls but also between individual silicone toys and sets of twins! Make every child’s dream come true with these extremely realistic toys!

A doll for just about any budget!

Depending on how much you want to splurge, you can choose a silicone doll that fits neatly within your budget.

From premium toys to more affordable models, don’t deprive any child in your life of these simple pleasures - they will always remember you for it!

Let it be the reason a child smiles

Children love dolls and bears. That may seem like a sweeping generalisation but it’s really not - kids just love toys they can cuddle with.

That’s precisely why these silicone dolls make a great gift for children - they’re cute, look like real babies, and can be given bone-crushing hugs.

They also come in a range of adorable outfits that are soft and snuggly, including pyjamas which means they’re even a great bedtime companion!

Given the rate at which digitalisation is taking place, traditional playthings like silicone dolls are fast becoming collectable items.

Many of these dolls have been made with expert craftsmanship, so a child may want to preserve these dolls as treasured collectables.