Fenton Glass

Immerse yourself in the heritage of Fenton Glass

Fenton glass is world renown for the production of many types of art glass, such as Burmese, opalescent, carnival, chocolate, and hobnail to name but a few. And one of the key reasons why Fenton is still so widely-known and respected is down to making every glass item by hand, ensuring the highest quality glass items.

With such a productive history, and so much to choose from, Fenton is a popular choice for collectors of the eye-catching glassware. Its easy to be seduced by the ruffles and ripples of the bumpily patterned pieces of brightly coloured milk glass or hobnail glass that looks incredibly striking when displayed in multiples. Discover a handprinted shimmery carnival glass slipper or a limited edition Burmese glass waterlily and dragonfly pitcher, ideal for any collector.

Striking Fenton glass

The Fenton Art Glass Company had a long history of decorating glass dating right back to their origins in 1905. Initially a decorating company, they purchased blanks from glass manufacturers and placed their own range of recognisable decorations on them. Fenton was the first artistic glass company to introduce carnival glass, which went on to become highly collectable.

Fenton started producing Hobnail items in milk glass. Hobnail glass features bumps all over with plenty of hobnail patterns and variations made. Clear, coloured, and opalescent hobnail have been made and are reproduced. Hobnail milk glass was Fentons top-selling line allowing the Fenton company to expand. Fenton Art Glass Companys Hobnail pattern came out in 1940 and is still made today.

Discover an upside-down top hat vase with an intricate pattern throughout. This piece of white Fenton glass is great as a centrepiece as its usual yet stylish. For something that mixes practicality with retro charm, opt for a set of Fenton glass salt and pepper shakers with a hobnail finish in white.