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If you’re a caravan enthusiast, you’ll know how much difference a few home comforts can make to your experience. Luckily, there are some excellent accessories available that can turn your cosy caravan space into a luxurious home away from home. Here are a few of the great caravan parts and accessories that you can find on eBay!


Adding an awning to your caravan setup can make a huge difference to your trip. Depending on the size of your caravan, you can add a small canopy, porch or full size awning to almost double the amount of space available to you. Perfect for relaxing on warm nights, enjoying dinner with your family or just spreading out all your luggage and gear! RV awnings are also great for protecting you from bad weather and keeping you cool in the shade. For added convenience, some awnings like the Fianna awning come with a motor, so they can be assembled with just the push of a button.

Air Conditioners

Things can get a little hot on caravan trips, especially as lots of excursions take place during the summer months. To guarantee a comfortable climate inside your RV, its a good idea to get your hands on an air conditioning system. Caravan air conditioners are especially designed to withstand the vibrations of bumping around while driving, so its recommended to choose one of these rather than a household one.

Caravan Cover

Don’t forget the outside needs some love too! While this accessory won’t directly improve your experience inside the caravan, you don’t want to leave your pride and joy to be exposed to the elements without a cover on. If you’re leaving your vehicle in one place for a long time, its especially useful to keep it covered up to avoid any damage from sun, rain and rust.

If you’re kitting out your caravan with new parts or accessories, make sure to check out the great deals available on Ebay !

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