Field Hockey Equipment

Drag and flick your way to glory on the pitch with field hockey equipment from eBay

While ice hockey equipment might be all the rage in parts of Europe and North America, in Australia when you talk hockey sporting goods, you're talking about the equipment needed to play on watered green pitches. eBay has a huge range of field hockey equipment online for men, women, boys and girls from some of the biggest names around the world.

In addition to a high level of fitness, the right field hockey stick is probably the most important weapon in a player's arsenal. Keep yourself firing at your best, not to mention feeling comfortable, with great deals on field hockey sticks from Grays, Kookaburra and more. With a variety of makes and models, you can find a new field hockey stick online that can help bring the best out of yourself or another athlete in your life.

While the right stick might be a must for top performance, the right protective gear is vital for staying in the game. With stick heads and drives flying all over the place, a mouth guard for field hockey is a necessity for safety.

The same goes for pads, gloves and helmets for players brave enough to stand in goal. Whether you or someone on your list has your sights set on a Hockeyroos or Kookaburras jumper or you just like to get out and play with your club on the weekend, eBay is the place to turn for a sweet range of field hockey equipment and apparel. Get everything from sticks, balls and bags to mouth guards, pads, shirts and more today!