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Pool Filter Cartridges

There's nothing quite like diving into a cool, clean swimming pool on a hot day. Keep your pool in tip-top shape, and save on your water usage, with an affordable and easy-to-maintain pool filter cartridge. Cartridges are the most common choice for filtering a residential swimming pool, with the ability to filter out particles as small as five microns. Considering that the human eye can only see particles as small as 35 microns, that's some great filtering power, perfect for your backyard pool filter.

There are a few ways to ensure a clean and healthy swimming pool. Your first step is to keep out visible dust, litter, and debris with the use of a handy pool cover rollers. Other options include showering before using your pool to remove dirt and lotions that would clog your pool filter cartridge and skimming the water before and after entering the pool. Also note that hair is one of the primary materials that clog a filter, so tie back long hair or use a swimming cap.

Cartridge filters sit in a central housing unit. They're shaped like an accordion to increase the surface area and are usually made of spun polyester on a PVC or "open flow" core. They usually last for quite a long time, particularly when the steps above are followed. The size of your pool filter cartridge replacement will depend not only on the volume of water in your pool, but also the size of the pump that operates your filtration system. Check with your manufacturer's instructions to confirm the correct size, as for residential pools, they can range from 150 - 600mm.

A cartridge filter replacement is the easiest type of filter to maintain, as it requires a lower water volume and less water pressure to clean your pool. This places less strain on the filter pump, as well. Twice a season, your filter cartridges should be removed and hosed out to flush clean. If this doesn't work, then it's definitely time to purchase a replacement cartridge right here on eBay.

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